Two Roos Too Many?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by KFox, Jul 26, 2011.

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    Apr 19, 2011
    I have an OEGB. He is tiny and adorable. He had an attitude with the ladies and got put in check. My pullets are all standard size but one, so being about 6 times his size, they don't put up with much from him. As young as he is, he seems to understand this and behaves himself. He is about 12-16 weeks old so I'm sure he'll have his ups and downs as he matures.

    I also have a Golden Sebright guy. He is a pain. He crows all the time. He is kind of bossy with everyone and has attacked my OEGB boy more than once. He always starts the fight and my OEGB finishes it. The OEGB avoids him at all costs but once in a while Sebright boy will get him cornered. I set up a chicken jail. I put a wire crate in the middle of the coop and when Sebright boy is bad, I lock him up for a few hours or a couple days. When he stops puffing up and getting attitude, I open the door. He generally behaves for a bit and it's back to being a jerk face.

    Originally, I had not planned on keeping a rooster at all. I have talked to Planning and Zoning and was told that I can keep them if I want. I have to keep my numbers "reasonable" and not have so many that I need an additional outbuilding and waste management system. I asked how many that would be and she was thinking 100+ birds. I only have 14.

    Someone recently told me that I can't have another rooster of any kind with a OEGB. I wanted to keep them both but it's looking like I might have to choose. They never get along and I'm not really up for the constant battle. Sebright guy is annoying but is good with people and good with the pullets. OEG is tiny, adorable and is good with humans and the ladies. Sebright guy messes up the feathers on the ladies. OEGB isn't the boss. My big Production Red pullet is the boss but she lets him call them in at night.

    Any words of wisdom?

    Is there a way I can try to keep both or should I not even try?

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    I had 4 roosters with a dozen hens at one time and they seemed to work things out with minimal bickering.

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