Two roosters: 1 Barred-Holland and 1 Rhode Island Red


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Jul 17, 2013
I know that Roosters are hard to get rid of, but here goes: I have 2 roosters that were mis-sexed at the hatchery and I already have a grown rooster. I thought I wanted another roo, so I took the Barred-Holland from a friend who had too many roos because of the incorrect sexing. The RIR was a surprise in the group of hens she raised for me. Now that I have 3 roos, and the younger ones (~6 months old) are maturing, I know that I have too many for my 14 hens and I only want 1 roo, again (if possible)

I am willing to give away either or both younger roos to someone who wants them. The RIR is turning into a large, handsome fella (look at his tail feathers!) and the Barred-Holland, while smaller than the RIR, has beautiful barring. Currently, their disposition is submissive around humans. They are in a healthy, free-ranging flock of 17.

Please let me know if you are interested in either or both. I'm not opposed to keeping 1, but I know that 3 for my 14 girls it too many and adding more hens is not possible at this time.

Thank you in advance.

(near Clayton, NC)


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Jul 15, 2014
FYI I don't know if u got rid of the barred holland but the barred holland breed is near extinction so I would try to find a breeder for it. I would also think u could make money from selling it because they r so hard to come by

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