two roosters fighting

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  1. Crazyhen95

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    Mar 12, 2015
    Two of my roosters who happen to be brothers got into a huge fight and the one ended up getting bloodied up. Is there a way to prevent them from fighting cause I love my chickens and I don't want them getting hurt
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    Separate them or more hens and more space.

    Likely one will end up dominant and the other will steer clear. But there will be blood in the interim.
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    Not really unless you separate them. Right now, they are working something out. treat the wounds, get rid of blood bc the other roo and hens will go after a bleed. You can trim or tape spurs if they have points, to limit damage. If they are brothers, they should be able to settle their issue. Don't interfere unless it relentless, they must work it out to live together. Somebody has to be the boss and the other will learn to live as a subordinate.
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    I agree with them but something that really helps is that they have plenty of room. One way chickens have learned to live together in a flock is that when one is getting beat up, it runs away. The winner will likely chase a bit but if the other runs away and avoids the stronger one, things usually work themselves out. If they don’t have enough room to run away and get away, the winner doesn’t know he won so he keeps attacking. That’s when you normally have your disasters from this. One can’t get away and the other keeps going after him, especially for the head.

    The number of hens has nothing to do with whether they fight or not. Whether one hen or forty hens are available, the roosters will decide who is boss.

    Not everyone is set up for multiple roosters. I always suggest you keep as few roosters as you can and still maintain your goals. It’s not that you are guaranteed to have problems with more roosters just that problems are more likely. Many of us keep multiple roosters in the same flock and don’t have serious issues, though there will occasionally be fights. But some people just can’t have more than one rooster in the same flock. If you want to keep both roosters you might consider separate quarters for them if they can’t work out their differences.

    Good luck!

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