Two Roosters in the mix?

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  1. I ordered 12 chickens and asked for one black Australorpe cockerel, with the rest a mix of Rhode Island Reds pullets and black Australorpe pullets. I think I got 1 Black Australorpe Roo and maybe one RI red roo in the mix. I hope I'm wrong! I'm not so worried about the neighbors as I'm in an area where chickens are ok, but I heard the RI Red roos can be mean, so am hoping I'm wrong. It's prolly too early to tell, the chicks are about 4 weeks right now.
    Whatha think ?...This pic has the two I think are roos in it. The australorpe closest to the front, and the RI red that I think is a roo to the right, kinda eyeing the black one. I think I've seen these two kind have mock jousts at each other seeming to try to establish dominance. They also jump at the pullets and scare them every now and then too/
    They have the biggest combs of the bunch, and notice how the black one's is already turning red at 4weeks (or is that normal :p?) These chicks were all bought the same time as day olds.
    Thanks for any of your more seasoned inputs!


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    It's hard for me to tell from the pic. RIR roos aren't necessarily mean. I'd be more worried about 2 roosters overbreeding 12 hens. The ratio should be about 1 roo to 10 hens. They will start to tear up the hen's backs from multiple mountings. You might post the pic in the link below for gender predictions. Good luck to you!
  3. Thanks Redsox, Will do!
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    I agree, those look like roosters.

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