Two roosters make a rumpus!

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    May 1, 2008
    That subject is a quote from some kids book we have and ever since we accidently ended up with a second rooster my kids have walked around saying that. But it wasn't true until today. We have 11 hens and two roosters. The first is a year and a half old Dominique rooster. He has always been fiesty with everybody, including people (except my husband). But we've always put up with it because our girls free range all day and we liked him there for their protection. We accidently ended up with a Brown sexlink rooster chick this spring and so he is about 7 months old now. He has always been a bit of a scaredy cat, running away from the other hens even. Our chickens have an entire barn to themselves at night too, so they aren't too cooped up. But today I saw them in front of the barn just all out fighting. The Brown one is bigger now then the Dominique and I don't know if he is trying to gain dominance or what. It looked at first like the Dominique was just chasing the Sexlink all around. But eventually I was able to separate them and get the Dominique in the barn. Then the Sexlink kept walking all around the barn trying to get in. I haven't looked too closely but I think the Dominique may be even bleeding up by his comb.
    SO my question is, will they continue this fighting, or will someone merely establish dominance and that will be the end of it? One can always hope right. Has the Sexlink finally just matured enough now to want to put the Dominique in his place? I would hate to have to go to all the trouble of constantly keeping them apart. And I know my husband would push for getting rid of the Sexlink if he had his choice of one to get rid off. Suggestions? Experience?
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    They should fight it out and the loser may or may not become an outcast.

    That said... there are enough roos in this world to have a nice roo that protects the flock, so I wouldn't put up with a less than perfect boy for the girls.
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    I wanted only one RIR rooster, but my husband thought one couldn't tend to 48 girls, so I have 2. I don't think I would keep 2 if I only had 8. I would put one in the freezer until I felt like making soup.
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    The sex link would help you produce more hens that lay more eggs. [​IMG]

    And if he is more dominant, he might be a better protector.

    Good luck...

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