Two roosters... One fight... One injured.

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  1. Wheat

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    Apr 23, 2010
    Moscow, OH
    I have 17 chickens. Two are roosters. One is a light brown leghorn who from day one has held dominance. The other is a silver laced wyandotte. (13 of the 17 raised together from day one including the roosters.)

    The leghorn has always been the dominate one, they always got along. But lately, the wyandotte has been standing up to him. Well about 14 days ago the wyandotte got pecked in the eye in a fight. It swelled up really big and got white for about 10 days. Now the swelling has gone down, it is shut as it can be, and the exterior skin is white as chalk.

    Guess he is gonna loose his eye? Will he survive with this eye problem? He seems to be doing absolutely fine. Walks around, roosts, feeds. He does not question the leghorns leadership at all anymore.
  2. Oven Ready

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    May 9, 2010
    Should be OK if the swelling has gone down, in 10 days if he was going to get infected he would have by now. We have a number of one-eyed chickens and they do fine, you couldn't tell the difference. We have completely blind one and he does 'OK' with assistance.

    Keep an eye out though (no pun intended) because your main rooster could keep on victimising the little guy until he kills him, even if the little one is currently not trying for a fight.
  3. missionarywife

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    Apr 17, 2010
    I had a very agreesive brown factory rooster raised since birth with the other rooster. He constantly caused problems until my son and I butchered him. The agressiveness in the chicken house is gone and it is very nice out there now.

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