Two roosters?


Jun 7, 2020
I hit the jackpot when I bought two Cochins.....they both turned out to be roosters! They are both the same age, about 18 weeks, but one is clearly dominant. The Jr rooster follows the dominant around like they are buddies. My it possible for these two to live together without damaging my 15 hens or fighting all the time? I have read what normally happens, but does anyone have any personal experience with two roos living as pals or at least tolerating each other? Currently, both have laid back personalities and aren't aggressive. If I have to get rid of the Jr, who is beautiful, I'm sure he would just be someones dinner. They are still young, so I'm not sure how the behavior will change as they mature.


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Only time will tell.
Have seen it go both ways, tho not personally as I only keep one male.
Have a place ready to separate them, cause if/when it goes bad it happens fast! BTDT.


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You will have to wait and see. They may all get along fine. The males may get along but turn out to be too much for the hens. Or they may decide their little world isn't big enough for the both of them.

It's subject to change too. I had 2 cockerels that worked well together all last year. This spring they wouldn't tolerate one another even with 2 acres and 40+ hens. One wouldn't stop crowing, then started stalking the kids, so he turned into pot pie.

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