Two roosters?


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Aug 20, 2012
I am guessing that I have at least two roosters in my batch of chickens that hatched out in September. This one is a cross breed and I have no idea what breeds it could be--I got the eggs from a friend. It's larger than the other chicks and very aggressive. It looked like a vulture for a long time because it's head feathers did not come in until way after the rest of its feathers. It frequently challenges my near full-grown chickens.

These pictures are not very clear, unfortunately, but at least one has "Vulture" next to some of its siblings. The comb is much larger and redder, and the wattles, which are still fairly small but growing faster than the other chicks, are very red as well. I don't know if that means anything or not.
The other one I think is a rooster is one of two Auracanas. It was the very last chick out of 5 to get its tail feathers, but it's comb and wattles are larger and redder than it's fellow Auracana sibling, even though the sibling is much larger in size. "Rooster" had a little trouble hatching out and I guess it is naturally a little weaker and smaller than the other chicks.

The two with the white "eyebrows" are the Auracanas. "Rooster" is the smaller one, and you can see that "his" comb is larger than his "sister's".

All the chicks are about 6 weeks old now.
I would guess yes they are cockerels at this age. It will be easier to confirm it in another 4-6 weeks though. Post pics again at that time.
I agree both roosters but the "aracauna" isn't. It really doens't even look like an easter egger, I'm not sure what it is.
None of them are pure breds so that may be why they don't look like a typical auracana. They both hatched out of the bluish-green eggs though and they both hatched with the full "cheek" feathers (because I don't know what else to call those feathers). Their mother was at least half aruacana but I don't know beyond that. I just know they both came from the same hen.

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