Two saddles for sale


12 Years
Jan 10, 2008
I have 2 western saddles for sale. One is a 14", other is 12"(I think). The 14" is a light oil, and does not come with the cinch strap(but you can buy them cheap). It has a back cinch, but im not sure what kind of shape it is in. Has silvey on it, which is a bit rusted. Comfortable for me, but does not fit my horse. I bought it for $200 and have barely used it.
The 12" I have never used, I bought it online from somebody who measured it wrong and told me it was a 14." The only problem is the back strap(not sure what its called, but the back cinch attaches to it) is corroded. It is a dark oil.
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Bowdoin, Maine
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