two sick chickens: one possible thrush second mouth mucus????????????

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    One of my silkies has white in her mouth? It is not like the pictures of canker I have seen- its more like thrush. She won't eat or drink on her own. We are feeding her yogurt and electrolyte water. About a week ago she quit eating/drinking. Her crop was impacted. Treated her for this, but she still presented symptoms of "gaping" so we wormed her. for the crop issue we gave her massages and oil by mouth. Kept he ron egg yolk/yogurt diet with electrolyte water. SHe Is lathergic (again.) She had been drinking and eating a little (soft foods mostly) the last few days. Brought her back inside today because she stopped eating/drinking. Her eyes and nose seem to be fine- no discharge.

    We have a polish chicken. She had a rattle in her chest a few days ago and "gaping". She eats/drinks just fine. Is active. Today the rattle is almost gone. But it looks like she has a thick mucus in her mouth. (like snot) it looks clear.

    Clearly it seems that the silkie presents some type of digestive problems and the polish respitory. The silkie never presented a respitory problem, vice versa. Is it possible the thrush like substance can be transmitted and the polish is coming down with it? Although I don't see the white in her mouth yet.

    Both are around 6 months. We treated them with womer (ivomec) a couple of days ago. We started them on sulmet yesterday. The silkie had sulmet yesterday (pending how much water she drank.) Since we brought her in we took her off it. We are worried it will only make things worse with the thrush like stuff in her mouth. None of our other chickens have any symptoms. Not sure what the side effects of the wormer( and sulmet are. Not sure if were are helping or not.

    I don't know what else to do. [​IMG] There will be no stores open until Monday. The Farmer's co-op and the feedstore/livestock store do not carry anything except sulmet and wazine for chickens. No avian vets anywhere near where I am. (very rural area.)

    Thanks for help and any advice.
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