Two Silver Ameraucana roos available Santa Rosa CA


11 Years
Apr 7, 2008
Santa Rosa, California
In mid-June I hatched some of Jean's eggs (Pips n Peeps). I've decided against continuing with the Silver Ameraucanas, and two of my hatchlings are just that. So....if anyone in this area is interested in picking them up, I'll sell them for $12. each.

Just in case you wonder, I am definitely continuing with Ameraucanas -- Blue, Blacks that I already have; Lavenders that are in the 'bator right now; splashes if I can get some in the future -- just not the Silvers.

I love love love Ameraucanas (and also EE's, although I'm not keeping EE roos either....)

Back on topic. If you want them, let me know.
Otherwise they become food....("waste not, want not")


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