two soft eggs today

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    Tonight when I got home from work (late, after dark), I discovered two of my young layers laid soft shelled eggs, and both were outside the nesting boxes. Isn't that odd? I will investigate in the morning for signs of stress, but normally my girls are very happy. They had lots of free range time over the weekend, so maybe consumed less layer feed? I will offer oyster shells tomorrow and/or crushed egg shells. I'm mostly concened because suddenly it was two of them and I only have four. Thoughts? Has this happened in your flock before? Should I be woried about my girls or just supplement calcium and hope for the best?
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    In my experience, young layers can lay soft shelled eggs. It can take a little before their egg-laying plumbing sorts itself out. I would not worry about it.

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    How old are they and how long have they been laying?
    As CTKen points out, it's pretty common for new layers to lay a few softies in the first month or so of laying.
    Having some oyster shell always available in a separate feeder never hurts tho.

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