Two story coop....ladder question


10 Years
Sep 4, 2009
I recently built a two story coop with a wire mesh second level. I built a four rung ladder but the girls don't seem to be using the second level. The problem is that is where the roost bar and nest boxes are located. There is currently 4 pullets in there that have not started laying but I really hope they start soon ( I got them as day old in early Jan., 2 RIR & 2 NH). I got to thinking that I may have made the opening for the ladder to small or the ladder too steep. Currently it goes from bottom to top in 24" and is about 14" wide. Does that sound wide enough?

Any ideas? Sorry I don't have pics, but I can get some if needed.


Rube Goldberg incarnate
9 Years
Mar 17, 2010
Western Washington
I altered my design so that there are two steps that head up to the 2nd story loft in my coop. I build a ladder, but made each step 16" high to get them up to the 48" loft. They just hop on up. The steps are 2' wide.


11 Years
Jul 24, 2008
You might want to remove the mesh, and simply add roost bars that work their way up- one 2' up, one 4' up... My coop is 4' x 4' square, and stands 6' at the peak. The roost the like best is at the very top, just under the peak, about 5' off the floor. I have one roost bar at 2 1/2' and the one they use. They simply leap from one to the other, no problem, and they feel very secure at night.

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