Two Sultan Chicks, no sussex

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    Nov 25, 2010
    Ok, so the magic day (21) was yesterday. Out of 13 sultan eggs, I have two chicks in the brooder, and one died in the shell after pipping a good size whole. ? And I left all the other eggs in the bator. As of this minute, I do not see any pips on the others. There are 10 sultan eggs left, and 14 Brahma's or LSussex. I was really looking forward to all of them, but really the Sussex. [​IMG]
    So, do I do the water test? I have to go out of town tomorrow morning until Sunday. So I bought special feeders and waterers the whole 9 yards, and the rest haven't hatched? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. What happens if none hatch tonight? I guess I could put a little bit of feed in the bator, but...what would I put water in so they wouldn't drown? Oy!
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    I am hoping more chicks hatched for you.

    Have a good time out of town.

    I have had an egg hatch as late as day 25. I will pull the eggs and candle on day 23/24 to see if I can see a beak in the air cell or any movement.


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