Two unusual , beautiful , gentle cockeral's FREE , IRELAND! GONE!

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    Apr 11, 2012
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    Hey there , ive two young cockeral's free to a good home, they are absolutely beautiful , and will make very nice , attracctive bird's to have in your flock. One is a dark orange-brown , with black and white mottling. His name is Branflake , hes the gentler of the two , and very quiet and , would make an exclellent first rooster , or child's pet. He is easy going , and will get even more quieter as he ages.
    The other is Skittles , a red one , with white feathers here and there all around his body. He is more out-going , and not as friendly , but should grow out of his excitment. Both are friendly though , and the second would be a good older-child's pet , or someone who is simply looking for a nice rooster to their flock!
    Clare area, but will make plan's for travelling. Both can be kept for a few week's , if wanted older , around 3 month's now , and more photo's (more recent) available.
    PM for more details.
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    Aug 5, 2013
    are they still available

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