Two week old chick with 'injured' leg


Jun 26, 2020
Hi all you knowledgeable chicken types. I have a two-week old maran chick who has developed an injury in the last couple of days.
He was fine when born and happily running around, feeding and drinking as normal, but i noticed that he developed a limp which then got worse to the point where he now keeps it permanently lifted up off the ground and kinda hops around everywhere.

I have separated him into a small cage so there is no bullying and he get can easily get to food and water.
I have read a lot of threads about slipped Achilles but nut sure that is the issue and would love the opinion of you all.

I have attached pictures that show the poorly leg (more swollen) and also how is holding his leg up while standing.

Many thanks to you all in advance.


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