Two Week Old Chicks


Aug 31, 2016
Our one hen Nugget decided to go broody and I let her nest on eggs. Out of the six eggs she had, she hatched 2! They are currently living in our garage in a horse trough because I feel better keeping the chicks safe from the rest of the flock for now. We were lucky enough to just acquire an extra coop and I'd like to move the little family out to it but I'm wondering if they'll be warm enough out there. Our garage isn't heated and we don't have them on a light since Mama is still with them but we are down into the 40s here now and that's during the day. The coop we have I'm not comfortable putting a heat light in just because I think it'd be a tight fit. But poor Mama is going stir crazy in the garage all day long and I don't really have a nice place for them during the day if it would end up raining or being really windy. Do you think they'd be ok out there with Mama, they'd have a protected run and I could open the little house door so they could go in and out as they please and she could still keep them warm when needed. She's an excellent mom and will sit on them when she feels it's too cold outside, she did it the other day when they were outside "playing." haha
You really should set up a nest in the main coop for mama and chicks.
The longer you wait the harder the ire-introduction will be.
Where was mama when she was sitting on the eggs?

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