Two week old silkie sneezing

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    Our two week old silkie started sneezing and sounded congested while breathing about 3 days ago. We separated her from the rest, giving Polyvisol 1 drop 2x per day, Tylan in the water. She is eating, drinking, pooping normally and has good energy.

    I understand about dust and sneezing, but this bird is sneezing a lot more than that. And we did hear some congestion on the first day. Now the congestion seems to be better but the bird is still sneezing a lot, especially at night.

    How long should I continue the Tylan? Is there anything else I should be doing? How long does it usually take for a chick to recover and be put back in the flock? She definitely hates being away from the others sowe are giving her lots of extra attention.
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