Two weeks ago a Friend passed on, Rehomed around 200 Birds over a 100 Peafowl, here are a few pics.


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Nov 16, 2011
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Hi, So someone of you have been asking so here is part of the story, I 'll prob leave some stuff out for respect of his Family and Friends.

About two weeks ago I had heard about a Motorcycle MVA while I was working, I did not respond to the scene because there were closer Responders, A little while later I get a call from people on the scene that it was someone I knew. The Man was a Peafowl Breeder who was new to peafowl and trying hard to do it right, He had many Birds over 120 Peafowl of all kinds, He also had Rheas,Emus,Pheasants,Guineas and chickens. I enjoyed going to his place which was on top of his own Mountain and looking and talking about the birds, Some of my Peafowl came from him. He was always trying to give me a bird of my choice to take home. I have many funny stories to share but this is not the place to talk about them.

His family had asked me to help with the birds and try to find a place for them which I agreed to do, There was way more birds then I could take on so I called up a Large Peafowl Breeder from far away from here and he agreed to help, He came out with a large goose neck trailer and took most of the birds, He came with another older gentleman and they were very professional and the whole project went very well. The family and all the friends invovled did a top notch job and I am very proud to have been a part of it.

I did not take too many pictures of the birds, and I am trying to be respectful of the family and the breeder who took the birds so I am only going to post a few pic's.

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So sad about your friend

He had a very nice place I see, sure looks like a lot of love went into it.

nice birds
Its ok to ask, I had thought about selling the birds for the family, but figured it would take to long to sell them one by one so I found some one to take the whole lot, He is selling them since that is his business. What kind of bird are you looking for?
We have had a loss in the family recently and my dad's friend passed away recently so you definitely never know when it will happen. At least it looks like he had a good life living on a mountain with a large selection of birds and I am sure you were a good friend because I know not everyone wants to talk about birds so he must have enjoyed talking to you about them.

Those pens look very well constructed and it is hard to believe that you said he was just getting into peafowl. My goodness I have had peafowl for 4 or 5 years and I only have 9 birds! 120 is a lot! I am glad you were able to find a breeder to take them. I always thought it would be hard to re-home a lot of birds but it sounds like it was not too hard which I am sure the family is happy about.

I am sorry for your loss.
So sorry for the loss of your friend and so good of you to help the family out like you did with rehoming the birds.
He had a nice set up, that's for sure.
Curious....what is the brownish grown bird with the speckled-y white tail and white speckling on his back and wings, is that a bronze pied ?
Also, the brown chick with the white face and neck , is that also a bronze of some sort?

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