Two young adult bourben red HENS

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    I lost my bourben red male turkey to dogs a few monthes ago, and now I have two 8 month old bourben red HENS for $80 for the two of them (for sure 100% female) that have no mate, and it's about time for them to buddy up with another pure bourben red male and make you fertile eggs. I am willing to ship, and have 1 used box I can sell you for $15, so either $80 for local pick up or $95 for birds and box, and you pay shipping charges BEFORE I ship. I am NPIP tested. I will only ship to counties and states in the US that allow shipped birds, so please check your own county rules before asking me to ship to you.

    (Call your local county agent and ask if you can have turkeys shipped in to you)
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    Jun 30, 2012
    where r u located for pickup?

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