Two Young Dick Horstman SG Dorking Cockerels


The Lady Gadfly
8 Years
Mar 28, 2011
Fort Smith, Arkansas
I have two extra cockerels out of Dick Horstman eggs from this summer's hatching. I have ended my Silver Grey Dorking breeding, since I can't give adequate attention to developing my Showgirls while at the same time correcting the damage that has been done to the poor Silver Grey Dorking breed through the neglect of others. These boys are very sweet, and have MUCH better personalities and conformation than McMurray's birds. I am NOT a SGD expert, and haven't worked with them for very long, so I'm sure I am not the best to evaluate them objectively. Anyone who has worked with SG Dorkings is aware of the value of a Horstman flock sire.

They were hatched on May 20th, 2013, and they have begun to think about grown-up boy things, though they aren't big yet. They are about 2 lbs each now. They can fit into a box together for shipment if you'd like them.

They should go together, so that you can independently choose the best one for your program. I would like $20 each, or $30 gets you all three boys.

Shipping will be $70 for both. I order my shipping boxes online, so as soon as I receive your payment, I'll order their box, then send them on their way via express mail as soon as it arrives.
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