TX - Adult Lavender Silkies, Bantam Cochins, Seramas, etc.

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    Please e-mail me if you are interested: randomellis - at - gmail -dot- com

    Let me preface this by saying that I am in the middle of moving and do not have any pictures right now because it has been incredibly rainy for the past few days. I will get you pictures if you are interested! I am only selling them due to my work schedule and school being incredibly hectic. It has been a tough decision. The birds are currently located in Terrell, TX and I am willing to meet 30-45 minutes from the zip code 75161. I will not ship these birds. All of my birds have been purchased from top breeders (I have notated the list with the ones that I have access to a website). No expense was spared as I had intended on building up a show quality flock of birds.


    1st Trio - $325
    1 Lavender Silkie Rooster
    2 Split Lavender Silkie Hens
    (All produced by http://brensbirdsofparadise.com/)

    Trio - $325
    1 Split Lavender Showgirl Rooster
    2 Split Lavender Silkie Hens
    (All produced by http://brensbirdsofparadise.com/)

    Split Lavender Silkie Rooster (a little white in his hackles) - $25
    (Produced by http://brensbirdsofparadise.com/)

    Buff Showgirl Hens - $30 each

    4 Black Silkie Hens - $25 each

    3 Blue Silkie Hens - $25 each

    7 White Silkies - $15 each


    Mille Fleur Cochin Project Possible Trio with an Extra Rooster - $45 for all

    10 White Cochins (roughly 3-4 months old) - $10 each

    1 White Cochin Rooster - $10

    1 Black Cochin Hen - $10


    The majority of my seramas are Small-Large B's. I also have a Silkied Serama Pair (which are light brown). My seramas are black, black and white, brown, brown and tan, and so-on-and-so-forth. I'm asking $50 a pair, and add an additional hen for $25 more. I have 25+ seramas to choose from.
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