Tylan 200 and Alternatives

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    Oct 8, 2015
    Hi --

    I have a hen that appears to have an infection in one wing -- most of my hens lost feathers on their backs before I got all the roosters out, and it looks like this one lost the feathers on her back, AND some on her wings, and possibly when she lost the wing feathers at the 'elbow' area, it may have received a puncture... I'm uncertain because my chickens free range over 5 acres and its been really hot, so all the hens are already holding their wings out and down to stay cool. Took me a bit to get a good look at this one and realize that 1) one wing is bigger than the other and 2) the 'big' wing is hanging lower than the other....and then I had to catch her and get a look at her.

    Anyway -- I've been recommended to give her an injection of Tylan 200.

    My question is -- I have LA-200 (Liquamycin) already on hand, and Tylan 200 is $50 for the smallest bottle I can find without ordering it online, and I've heard of some additional abscess and such issues on Tylan injections.

    Is LA-200 an acceptable substitute for the Tylan?

    And if not -- is there a better way to give the Tylan 200, so as not to cause my poor hen more issues while trying to clear up the issue she's already got?

    She's eating and drinking and acting normal, just can't use that wing effectively, so she doesn't roost as high in the barn as she prefers.

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