TYLAN 200 - exposed flock, should I treat them all


Aug 8, 2015
I have one easter egger who has a respiratory infection and I saw one recommendation on dosing orally, 1 cc a day for 3 days and I just started it. There were so many different doses being thrown around, I decided to do this one since the hen is large and I am leaving town in 3 days. I am hoping to see a change in the meantime. Otherwise I'm not sure what to do.

I first noticed my hen was sick 2 days ago but I didn't separate her... I separated her now 2 days later and I'm worried I may have infected the rest of the flock by not separating her. None of the hens on close inspection are showing any signs of sickness at the moment.

So my question is, should I treat the whole flock with Tylan200 and if so do you think I should do a smaller dosage since they haven't yet shown any signs of sickness? Perhaps I should put it in their water? Recommendations welcome.

I'm planning on disinfecting the coop as well right now in the meantime.
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Welcome to BYC! If I thought I had mycoplasma and decided to use Tylan 200, I would give it orally twice a day at 0.125ml per pound.


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