Tylan 50 Dosage for Chickens/ Advice on illness

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    Apr 9, 2011
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    Hi There.
    Okay, so I've had chickens for years and years and years and have never ever run into a sick chicken until now. I always make sure that they coop is cleaned once a week and that fresh food and water is always available. I worm my chickens with Wazine regularly. Anyway I decided to get into the more exotic birds this year but also the more hearty easy going birds. All my birds are under the age of 2 years. They've always been healthy and never had any issue until yesterday. I went you to check on their food and water and I notice my birds were kinda making a raspy noise and one of them was really really lethargic. So I took all of the raspy chickens out and put them in quarantine and brought my lethargic Polish roo inside. A few hours late he passed away. I'm pretty sure that the illness was brought on my property from a friend who sold me some chickens who has been having this same illness on going. She took her chickens in to the vet and they test negative for Coryza and the vet thinks it is a respiratory infection. She and I've been treating them with Duramycin and Sulfamet, which appears to be helping somewhat but not really. My friend told my that Tylan 50 works really and that she's be having a great success with it. So I was wondering what the dosage is? I don't really feel comfortable giving them an injection. but if someone can tell me exactly how to do it I will. Also any information you can give me would be GREAT!!! My chicken breeds are Old English Game Batams, Turkens, Polish, Sexlinks, Rhode Island Reds, Americanas, D'uccles , Cochins and Opringtons. I also have six ducks and one goose who don't seem to be affected. Please Help Me!!!!
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    Thanks so much for the information. The Tylan 50 worked but it was to late. We lost all but three of our birds. My vet has figured out that what we had was mycoplasma. Sadly our birds will remain carriers of it for life and we will never be able to ad new chickens to our coop unless we get rid of our remaining birds, I just can do that. These little guys are my babies and it is not their fault they got sick. I think I will just build a new coop on the other side of my property and start fresh. Thanks again,
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    @alex's chickies how much did it cost to get your birds tested?
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    Even if you put the coop on the other side of your property, if you do not practice extreme biosecurity you can transfer it on your person, clothes shoes, Free ranging etc..

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