Tylan 50 for congestion?

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    Yesterday I posted a question about my sick chick with respiratory problem. Have seen several references to Tylan50. Does this target the problem and if so do I have to go to a vet or can I buy it at my feed store? Is it available to be given orally? I'm not to keen on poking holes in my chickens. Please help. Thanks bunches, Magpie
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    Tylan50 is available at most feed stores. It is supposed to be given and works best when given into the breast muscle as a shot. Some do give it orally, but that isn't what it is for. Tylan Soluble Powder is to be given orally in drinking water, but it costs around $50. That is why some people use Tylan50 orally because it costs $12. It is for treatment of mycoplasma or CRD. If your hen has a virus, it won't treat that, but will treat secondary bacterial infections. Most respiratory infections in chickens are chronic and will come back again, plus make carriers of all in the flock. You might want to read about some of the common ones here such as MG, ILT, IB, and coryza: http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/ps044
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