Tylan 50 for respiratory?

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    Mar 12, 2015
    My birds have recently been sick with some respiratory disease (mostly sneezing and rattly voice) and one hen has a swollen face. I got Tylan 50 for them but now they seem better (an occasional sneeze) should I give them the medication anyways? Also, I am going to be introducing a new chicken....I know, not ideal....so just wondering if that will change anything with whether or not to medicate the flock.
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    Personally, I wouldn't medicate if they seem to be getting better. I have used Tylan 50 in the past for respiratory where I could hear the difficulty and it helped.
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    I've never used Tylan, but agree with above. If you don't need medication, don't use it.
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    Why would you introduce a new chicken into your existing sick flock? Sorry, that doesnt make sense. You need to maintain a closed flock. No birds in or out, and dont sell or give away eggs to be hatched.
    Whatever disease it is, it'll eventually spread throughout your flock and you'll have to medicate all of them.
    I have a question for you; the hen that has a swollen face, does she have a foul odor around her head or mouth?
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