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    Nov 26, 2014
    No where around where I live have I found the powder only the liquid. Can the liquid be put in their water? and if so how much per gallon. I have a larger flock, I did go through and inject most all of them initially today in the breast but if it could go in the water it would help me a lot and I would not accidently leave one out that I thought I injected. It was very tiring and very hot out doing it today but I don't want to lose any more chickens
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    Order some online or call around to several feedstores for the Tylan Soluble Powder. What are you treating for? The sick chickens should be separated away from others, and only those showing signs of illness should be treated. Tylan 50 dosage is 1 ml for a 5 pound chicken orally twice a day for 5 days, so it would not go very far putting it in the water. Oxytetracycline powder is usally used for the same diseases, and it can be put in the water. It is found in most feed stores cattle medincines.

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