Tylan and waterfowl

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I also posted this question in the geese thread, but haven't gotten an answer yet.

Does anyone know if Tylan is safe to use for waterfowl? I don't have any sick birds right now, but about a month ago a gander hurt his foot trying to swim in some rocks that happened to collect water from all of the rain we've been getting this fall (strange that we didn't get any over the summer). I was going to give him an antibiotic as well as clean the wound, but was afraid to give an antibiotic since I know you aren't supposed to give waterfowl medicated feed. He is fine now, but I would like to have this on hand just in case.

So, is Tylan safe for them and do you give it to them at the same rate as chickens (1/2cc per 5 pounds injection or 4cc per gallon of water)? How long do you medicate?

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