Tylan for sinusitis? Two months sick now


8 Years
Apr 29, 2011
My poor little chookie has had a sinus infection for TWO MONTHS now. One other chicken got sick for a day and a half and was fine - none of the others in the flock got sick.

I have tried everything. I'm about a week off culling her. I have steamed her, squeezed the pus out of her nose, tried to flush her sinus out with saline, have put her on three different antibiotics.

Any suggestions? I want to make sure I have done everything before I put her down - aside from the swollen sinus she runs around, and is eating like a hog. Will Tylan work?
If it's tylan 50 injectable you have...give her 1/2cc orally once a day for 7 days. Do this early in the morning before she eats. I recommend 7 days vice 5 days because it takes longer to absorb when given orally. Then in the afternoon, give her 1/4cc through her nostrils, one drop at a time in each nostril. Keep a paper towel on hand to wipe dirt and debris that comes out. Do this once a day for 7 days as well. If this doesnt work after the 7th day....cull her.
ETA; this wont work if you have tylan soluable.
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thanks. I can only get soluble.

Looks like she ain't long for the world.

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