Tylan in the UK and Vet question


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Oct 6, 2009
I have been reading through a lot of posts and replies about giving hens Tylan (I think that's what it was called) for sneezing and foaming eyes. Is this something you need to get from a vet in the UK or can someone advise me where you get it?

Completely new to keeping hens, and never really had a pet before. What kind of costs should I expected for Vets to have a look at my chooks?
You can purchase Tylan (water soluble) at firststatevetsupply.com

I have a sick chicken right now and a bird vet appointment is $75.00 not including the medicine. I love my girls but that's too much for me right now.

If you prefer to get the injectable Tylan make sure you can also legally get hypodermic needles. We can't purchase them here in New Hampshire over the counter.

firststatevetsupply has many things you should have on hand for emergencies like worm screw spray (kills maggots in wounds) scalpels for bumblefoot, blood stop powder, powdered vitamins for the chickens water etc. I'm not sure what is available to you locally but whatever you can't find firststatevetsupply will have it.
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In the UK Tylan is a POM (prescription only medication). You need a prescription to buy it online from UK veterinary/medication/petcare sites, but if you're willing to pay the shipping from the States then that's an option. Just beware that it isn't strictly legal to do so and you may have it confiscated if customs open the package.

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