tylan soluble powder, terramycin, and tri-optic P???

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    Hello, this is my first post, so bear with me [​IMG] I have about three questions as of right now...

    1. I was wondering if tylan soluble powder is safe for ducks and safe for guineas because we've considered providing our chickens with some tylan treated water as a precaution, but the guineas and ducks share the same area and waterers with the chickens 2. we recently purchased some terramycin ointment, also as a precaution, because we aren't exactly sure what a current rooster's issue is, however, when is the best time to use this ointment (would it be bad to apply some to the eye before a chicken roosts?) and can it be used to treat eye problems other than pink eye? 3. we also have some tri-optic P that was used to treat an eye of one of our dogs, the tube is still sterile, so we were wondering if it was safe to use on chickens' eyes as an anti-biotic ointment ---thank you in advance for help [​IMG]
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    Quote:Tylan soluable is 1 teaspoon per gallon of water. Make fresh solution daily and only source of water for 7 days. You have to add the water to the tylan,not the tylan to the water. It's best to premeasure and make sure you use it for the entire 7 days. I dont know if tylan soluable powder is safe for ducks and guineas. You stated you wanted to provide it to your chickens as a precaution. I dont recommend giving antibiotics to chickens or any other animal as a precaution....unless you are absolutely sure they have some type of bacterial infection. If your chickens have a bacterial infection, seperate them from the ducks and guineas and provide your chickens with the tylan. You can put terramycin ointment in a chickens eye anytime you want, if there's a bacterial infection in the eye. Terramycin ointment is a broad spectrum antibiotic and can be used in dogs, cats and chickens eyes against most types of bacterial infections. I dont know about tri-optic P use for chickens...why use it when you have the terramycin specifically used for a chickens eyes.

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