Tylan vs. Penicillin-g vs. Sulfadimethoxine (Albon) for various things....

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    Hi everyone,

    I currently have on hand Penicillin-G, LA-200 (liquamycin) injectable, Tetracycline powder, and Sulfadimethoxine (Albon.) I have read and had recommended to me also Tylan. (I have read that there's Tylan-50, and Tylan-20,..what's the difference?)

    When we took a bird to the VET, they wanted to prescribe Bactrim (Trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole). Is there a benefit to this over the others above?

    So...can anyone give a run-down on the benefits and downsides of these antibiotics in the use of treating various things in poultry/chickens? Are there certain things you'd treat with one and not the other? For example, I know that Coccidiosis is normally treated with Albon, but I believe it's useful for other things as well....

    Are any of these UNSAFE or not recommended for Poultry?

    What about delivery form? I have Albon in a 12.5% liquid solution. I have Pen-g in injectable. Tylan comes as powder and injectable. Tetracycline is powder to mix in their water (good for small birds and such where dosing is hard.) I'd tend toward injectable in full grown birds...

    My BIGGEST question is, what to use WHEN...for a PHYSICAL INJURY or following SURGERY---what would be best?

    What about for Coryza?

    How about other bacterial who KNOWS whats?

    Thanks for any help and specific advice~
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    Setting up your own pharmacy? If your birds came down with diseases that require you to actually use all those meds...cull the birds...you'd never be able to eat the eggs nor meat due to withdrawal periods. Anyway, here's a link to respiratory diseases in poultry. There's a sentence or two regarding what treatments are needed for that particular disease listed. I'll see if I can find a link with dosages and post them here:
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    Actually, most people on here seem to treat coccidiosis with Corid or amprollium because it works on the nine most common strains. Sulfadimethoxine (Di-Methox, Albon, Sulfamed G), Sulmet, and Bactrim also treat it, but not all strains. Tylan 50 has 50mg per ml, and Tylan 200 has 200mg per ml, so is 4 times as strong. Injectable medicines are used when birds aren't drinking well when sick, and they are absorbed quicker/faster.
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    Thank you both...what about for physical injuries to important birds, while they're healing? What would you recommend for that? I have these others on hand because I have other animals...rabbits, dogs, cats, goats, etc...

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