Tylan water solub ???


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May 31, 2020
so long story short here last week I introduced a sick hen into my current flock last fri I put them on water solub tylan for 3 days at a low mix rate cause my family eats the eggs from our birds we have 15 in total. the sick bird did recover and yes I treated entire flock. now tonight one of my good hens I noticed she's not herself just hanging out closing eyes gasping for air I now noticed her eye has foamy bubbles in it. well crap what do I do now? pull her treat her seperate or can I put entire flock back on tylan at 1 tbsp tylan to gallon of water for 3 to 5 days? I hate using drugs but what can u do I am using vet rx and oregano and ac in water but I cant seem to get rid of this respority issue in flock so I need best advice and options. thank u she's eattin and drinking just not herself thanks Dave m


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Apr 3, 2011
southern Ohio
Did you have this respiratory issue before you added the sick bird last week? It only takes a few days to become symptomatic when chickens are exposed to MG (mycoplasma gallisepticum) or other resp diseases. I don’t recommend treating birds with antibiotics unless you know what they have, and unless they have symptoms. Separate your sick birds and treat them separately. Since Tylan has helped, and you see bubbles in an eye, it may be MG. It affects them for life, and most birds in the flock will become carriers. The disease can lie dormant until some thpe of stress, such as molt, a move, or very cold weather. There are a handful of different resp diseases from viruses, bacteria, and mold fungus. I would close the flock to birds going in or out of your flock. I can help with info on getting tested, or you can contact your state poultry vet.

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