Tylosin dosage for two baby chicks?

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    Not to thread jack but what is Mycoplasma? I will definitely google it, but first hand experience to me is more informative. My oldest daughter has a pet rat and is making a funny noise when he is breathing. He is almost 2 yrs. old...ok, I googled it, not much info. But he does sneeze quite often.

    How did you figure dosage of Tylan for the rat? And again, I don't mean to thread jack...
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    We gave one of our ducklings tylosin last summer for a sinus infection. Dh has a friend who is a vet tech and he said to give 10-40 mg per kg of body weight. We put the duckling on a food scale, did some math, and came up with a dose of 2-8 mg. I imagine you could do the same with a chick. Then we had to do more math because the only tylosin we could find locally was the kind for CATTLE, so we had to dilute it so we could accurately measure that small a dose. The duck got well.
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    First, never give antibiotics for a simple sneeze. You have no idea what you are treating. First, check how moist the bedding is and how much ammonia is in it--take a whiff. The bedding may be too wet or too dusty. If the chick actually is ill and it's a virus, antibioitcs will do absolutely nothing. Please don't start just giving antibiotics for little things or if you really need them to work, they won't.
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    xadika, if you want to keep something around for sneezing issues, I recommend keeping Oxine (chlorine dioxide). You may mist your coop or brooder with this stuff when you have the odd sneeze, and as long as you mix the proper ratio you won't hurt them one bit.

    Here's some recommended reading:

    What is Oxine (chlorine dioxide)--

    Oxine poultry uses--

    And here's where I buy my Oxine--

    I keep Oxine at Miss Theodore's recommended coop misting dilution in a quart spray bottle set to fine mist. When I have respiratory issues I lightly mist morning and evening in the coop.

    Hope that info helps. Good luck!

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