Type of hedge to plant in chicken yard

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    If there a good type of hedge for a chicken yard? My girls like to spend the heat of the day under an old pecan tree and has some tall weeds growing around it.

    I thought about clearing out the weeds and planting some kind of hedge style bush that can provide more shade during the summer heat. Something that will also provide cover so the girls have a way to hide from hawks.

    There is also a sweet gum tree in the yard I thought about planting these same hedges around. This tree however does not have hardly anything growing under it.

    My goal would be to have a 2 or 3 areas of hedge where the chickens can spread out, have shade to get out of the sun and be hidden from hawks

    The hedge does not need to be that tall, just maybe 3 or so feet, but open under the canopy.
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    I agree; interesting native shrubs that will like your site and ground, and have berries or edible fruit, flowers, etc. Mary

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