types of broody hens

lovely guy

7 Years
Feb 17, 2014
Hello! this will be a thread about broody hens.....I am a little confuse about my weaten marans and NH hen.....i am not sure that are they going to be broody.....if so then tell me how often do they go broody...
They don't go broody at the same times. Some will sit on any egg thats not collected and try to hatch it, and others sometimes sit, sometimes don't. I have one that is very inconsistent and likes to sit on an egg for a day or so, then gets bored and leaves it, though she has hatched and raised chicks once. It all depends on the chicken and of course, some breeds are more broody than others. Hope this helps a little :)
i have heard that leaving the eggs in the nest will attract every hen that has a broody instinct to hatch them........so i was tryin to say that should i leave the eggs in the nest of NH or WM.should i let them roost in their nest box area or their own cage.

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