Tyson "chickens out" (business article)

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  1. ninjapoodles

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    May 24, 2008
    Central Arkansas
    From TheDeal.com :

    The rising price of grain and slow chicken sales have slammed Tyson Foods Inc. The company saw third-quarter earnings plummet from $111 million in 2007 to $9 million this year. According to the company, the cost of grain increased by $140 million in the third quarter and is expected to be up $550 million for fiscal 2008.

    As we reported previously, Tyson is looking to emerging markets to offset losses at home. In the past two months, Tyson has taken a 51% stake in Mumbai-based Godrej Foods Ltd. and a 60% stake in the Chinese poultry processor Xinchang Group. At the same time, it's been trimming the fat closer to home. In June Tyson announced it would divest Lakeside Farm Industries Ltd. and Lakeside Packers, two of beef processing, cattle feed yard and fertilizer assets, based in Alberta, Canada, to XL Foods Inc. for $106 million.

    Tyson isn't alone in seeking growth overseas. Difficult conditions in North America have sparked a wave of cross-border deals in the meat industry.
    - Maria Woehr​
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  2. dangerouschicken

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    May 6, 2007
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    GROSS! I do not want meat shipped to me from China! [​IMG]

    Grow your own, people. If you can't kill them yourself, take them to a processor. If you are going to eat meat, do not buy the stuff from supermarkets anymore. We are talking major health risks........

    As for slow chicken sales kicking Tyson's booty? [​IMG]
  3. Mahonri

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    May 14, 2008
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    I've never been a fan of Tyson.

    I just worry about the economy.
  4. happyhen

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    May 8, 2008
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    China will eventually rule the world by poisoning not just our pets, but human foods and drugs.

    And I worried about Mexican jalapenos.
  5. If our country doesn't do something about a few of these situations very soon we will have an even worse economic situation.

    Budwieser Beer, purchased by an out of US company,

    National Grid (electric supplier in many areas of country) owned by UK company,

    All of the cheap products that we import into this country (toys, tools, housewares, furniture, etc) think of where all the profit of these products are going. Retailers and wholesalers don't make anywhere near the profit that manufacturers make.

    The United States of America became the powerhouse of the world during our industrial age. Now we outsource so much to other countries. As if that wasn't bad enough, the products that we are purchasing are garbage, make us sick, and don't last.

    To grow net worth you need more than just money, products that don't last end up costing us so much more than the well made products americans used to make.

    How many of you have an heirloom piece of furniture 20, 30, 40, 100 years old. Can you see a piece of walmart junk lasting more than 5 years? Even the stuff we are buying at furniture stores especially the imported stuff. I have a 3 year old living room set that is already falling apart. We need to stop thinking about purchasing the CHEAPEST products, because they get us now where.

    We have all these big boxes forcing there vendors to make a cheaper product so they can sell it at a lower cost. Home Depot and Lowes have convinced tool manufacturers like Dewalt, and Black and Decker, Grill companies like Weber, and even plumbing suppliers like Kohler all to make products that look like something that you'd find at a LOCAL hardware store, but they are made with more plastic parts, or missing features, anything that will make the less expensive product actually a CHEAPER product that won't last. We need to put a stop to this.

    When are we going to start standing up for ourselves.

    Sorry this jumped around and was so long winded. I am just getting sick of it. We need to start doing something about this or my kids and grandkids will not live in the same country that we have all known and loved.
  6. Colored Egg Farmer

    Colored Egg Farmer Chicken overload

    Time to look for that Made in the USA sticker

    I wonder if there is a Grown in the USA sticker

    I'm glad I joined the "Buy Fresh Buy Local" thing in our area.
  7. chiknlady

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    May 12, 2008
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    I just wonder if the USDA is going to be up to the challenge of inspecting all that imported chicken??? I think it's time for some meat birds...
  8. chickens4jojo

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    May 26, 2008
    Upstate South Carolina
    Whoa~~I think I'll order some of my own meat birds now. I'll just have to learn how to "process" them myself. I don't want any food from China. There seems not to be any oversite in their farming methods at all.

    I also have had some really terrible "foul-tasting" strawberries that I found out came from Mexico~~I think they were grown in human waste~~returned them as I wouldn't let my family eat them. Ugh~~That left a really bad taste in my mouth, for sure. [​IMG]

    I now try to buy at my local Farmer's Market and other local growers as much as possible....Hopefully, I can start growing more of my own USA Back Yard Food soon. [​IMG]
  9. kbarrett

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    Nov 12, 2007
    Quote:That statement makes me shudder....if they don't watch/ catch dangerous toys our kids stick in their mouths I doubt contaminated food will be caught either.
  10. flakey chick

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    May 3, 2007
    I didn't get that Tyson would be importing chicken from China. It seems to me that Tyson is operating in China.- paying farmer to produce chickens and selling the chickens within China.

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