Ug! The suspense is killing me!

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    May 9, 2012
    I made an incubator out of an old refrigerator and my first batch is hatching RIGHT NOW! It's killing me! I can hear them peeping and I know darn good and well that I can't open it to see them. Grrrrrr.... They weren't supposed to hatch until tomorrow but my heat has been a little off so they're early, I started hearing them this morning. How soon do you think I can take a peek? Oh, to any that are curious, there are 5 Americana x frizzle eggs and 5 copper Maran x frizzle eggs in there.

    update: at the end of the day we had 4 Americanas and 5 copper marans hatched. Another Americana hatched but just wasn't strong enough and died in the incubator. They all look alike! Only difference I can see is that the Americanas have little beards lol.
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    Tonight or tammrow morning you can check on your hatch. If you have a spray bottle that has a mist setting you can fill it up with warm water and myst the eggs befor you close up just make shure to be fairly quick and just take a peek and take out any dry ones and do a head count its all personal choice just make shure i you open it to do something about loss of moister.
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