UGG! I'm so mad....


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May 1, 2011
Olathe, Kansas
Today my brother had some friends over. While I was gone, one of the snatched my cell phone. They called 6 of my contacts, 3 of them people I don't know that well anymore. He 'prank called' them, but it wasn't really a prank call because they knew that it was my number.
I texted them all to tell them what's going on, but I'm still really mad. One of the other friends told me that this happened. I don't know what he said to them, but I hope it wasn't bad.
I know this is partially my fault for leaving my phone out, but still! You don't just pick up soeone's phone and call random people!
I'm so mad right now.
Now, how can I get him back?
uhh, yes I would be so mad too!!!

That's aweful.. Sorry he did this..
You should never go through someones phone.. The only time I have is when I was bartending, someone lost thier phone. So I called a few of the contacts, to help get phone back..
This boy should not be aloud in your house till he smartnes up.. What did your parents say?
My brother's friend left his camera at his house. We spent the day filling his memory card with funny pictures and videos, before calling to tell him we had it. MUHAHAHA!

I once left my Facebook account connected, at my brother's place. Oh, I regretted that. Then, when I got home, my girlfriend did the same thing to me. Who can you trust? :)

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