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    I just can't seem to get the daily turning, duck eggs on time. ~I Always turn but, Never the same pattern. Always off by hours. *HOW MUCH BETTER(for the duck)IS IT TO TURN BY HAND vs. USE AUTOMATIC TURNER? I'm really considering, using the LG Auto Turner.? What do you think?? [​IMG] Thanks, Julie
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    A roll turner is much better for the eggs than having them standing on end. The ducks themselves turn the eggs often- in an incubator most people mark eggs so you know how far a 180 degree turn is. The mother ducks dont mark their eegs- they just give them all a flip. AS long as when you turn them- they arent on one side for extended periods- and they lay on each side equally- IE: turning an odd number of times each day- so each night ( the longest time they go unturned usually ) they will have equal time on either side. While turning at regular intervals is important- it is not always possible- but try to make sure that they just have equal time on each side.
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    if this helps i'm doing 5-7 am 1:30-3 pm 7:30-9 pm
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    I prefer Auto turners or using a chicken whos just went broody.
  5. Hi! Mine get turned twice a day --- morning and evening. I don't so much 'turn' as roll middle eggs to the outside and outside eggs more toward the center. Candling days are really the only days they get '3 moves', because I usually do candling around lunch.
    I DO like using the LG turner for duck eggs, but I only have one incubator with a turner (and it's usually full of chicken eggs).
    Oh yes, I'll use a broody hen for duck eggs any day. Oddly, my broody ducks have been unable to hatch any eggs --- they all rot.
    Good luck!
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    I use both methods like I told ya in your previous thread.

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