Ugghhh- frozen waterers....

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  1. howfunkyisurchicken

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    Apr 11, 2011
    Yesterday was the first day I had completely frozen waterers and I'm not looking forward to carrying gallons of hot water back to the coop several times a day. There isn't any electricity at the coop-its a ways from our house- so we're not looking to run any back there either. I was wondering if there was ANYTHING SAFE I could put in the water to keep it from freezing. Mostly I'm worried about re-freeze when it gets really cold. I do work somedays and simply can't be there to take more hot water back to unfreeze the pans again, and I'm worried they wont have water on those days. Any suggestions?
    I've seriously considered adding vodka to their water- but I can imagine the raucous party that would follow... [​IMG]

  2. un-named

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    Sep 15, 2010
    Quote:I never tried this, but maybe a bowl of snow they could eat as needed when the water freezes over? If it melts though, then you have the freezing problem....
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    Oct 15, 2010
    We have one 5 gallon pail with nipples and we place an electric old fashioned unit in it.

    AND we have a regular waterer and we place an electric unit on the bottom of the waterer.
    They both work fine.[​IMG]
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    Sep 30, 2011
    The OP doesn't have electricity.

    Not sure how cold you get, But here in Wyoming, my neighbor has 55 gallon drums (painted black) stacked on the south side of their shop. They don't thaw completely, but the heat of the sun melts some of the ice during the day. You might do a little test with a covered 5 gallon bucket painted black, and placed where it will get direct sunlight to see if it will thaw.

    Off hand I can't think of anything besides a form of salt that will lower the freezing point. Even so it will only be a few degrees at best.

    I know when I used to camp way up in the rockies, solar showers worked very well, the military uses them also. If the 5 gallon bucket works, a 55 gallon drum should last you quite a while, If you raised it up, you could put a spigot on the bottom to fill up the pans. the pans themselves would still freeze though. But chickens don't need water all day long, a good drink in the morning and another at night is plenty for them.

    Sorry, not really much help...
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    Jul 2, 2010
    Martha's Vineyard
    how about some sort of solar bird bath heater. Just a thought.
  6. Hens & Hounds

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    May 11, 2011
    I found this site/blog called Tilly's Nest & she has a great idea to keep water from freezing w/o use of electric. I have not yet tried involves heating a rock LOL

    Here is the site w/ her directions:

    Hope it is of use to you or anyone else who may be concerned w/ water freezing.

    Good luck & let us know if you do try it how it works out.

  7. Grog

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    Oct 1, 2011
    I run a 100' cord out to my pens(goat and chicken) then I run two 50' cords from it to heaters. I electrical tape the connections at the heaters and keep the joint in a covered container. I have done this for several years and never even popped a fuse. If you are farther out than that you can get eterior romex(electrical wire for homes) and attach the appropriate ends to it and do the same thing.

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    Jan 30, 2011
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    Ok, so I run electricity to them but will it work on the out side of the coop? My coop is small and water gets so dirty fast, will a dog dish heater stay unfrozen in the pen? I have electricity cord out there, but have not put water out side yet, it's in the coop but there out side in the covered pen and there for I want to put water out there. Will it stay unfrozen in the heated dog dish, or even if I get one of those tin things and put a metal waterer there will it stay unfrozen?
  9. opalwednesday

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    Apr 10, 2011
    the rock idea is amazing. kind of wastefull I think but maybe not compared to the energy that a cord takes. Maybe you could put a rock in the oven while you cook dinner? I'm not sure that I will ever have the frozen water problem. Outside yes, but in the barn it seems okay so far. Good luck!
  10. Hens & Hounds

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    May 11, 2011
    Could you imagine telling the family "Oh I'm heating rocks in the oven for my chicken waterers"! [​IMG]


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