UGH. chickens are eating dog poop


12 Years
Oct 30, 2010
Schuylerville, NY
We've had chickens for about 8 yrs. and this is a new one to me. But our girls were not to be deterred yesterday until the offending snack was removed. Thing is, we live in the country with land and our dog is pretty free range herself. I never gave it a thought chicken-wise. Until yesterday. Anyone else or are our chickens peculiar?
Mine are too!Its the old dry ones.Someone told me it must be something undigested or some nutrients in it they want,because my dogs are all fre range on twelve acres.
Ive read in many threads that feeding chickens cow pies is a main source of diet for the little guys in certain areas of the country. Supposed to be really healthy. But I don't know how well that would compare to dog poo. Seems to me dog poo is prob not as great for them...but im not expert so who knows! :idunno:caf

yeah-Nardo-we did laugh about the circle of (gross) life-dog eats chicken poop, chickens eat dog poop. except when we get into that circle-eating the eggs -it makes breakfast a little less delicious. I'm hoping it isn't bad for them in terms of illness, parasites, etc.
They seem fine. It's a jungle out there...

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