Ugh! Day old baby chick with leg problem. Advice needed!

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    I picked up my nine new chicks from the post office this morning and one of the bantams can't stand. She sits there with her feet folder under her and her wings out, but will not/cannot stand up. She seems okay and has plenty of energy and kicks her legs when I pick her up and hold her on her back. I'm so frustrated. This is my second MPC order and the first order also had a bantam with an issue - a slipped tendon. Anyway, I don't know how to treat this little one. She is drinking water through a dropper and I have her is a separate little box in the brooder so that she doesn't get stepped on. I'm also giving one drop of Poly-vi-sol (no iron) three times a day. She does not seem to have spraddle as the legs are folded under her, not out. She hatched yesterday. Any advice is welcomed as I am slighly panicked and feel like crying [​IMG]. Thanks.
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    sorry to hear about the poor thing I buy my chicken's and hatching eggs local try creiglistlist look under farm and garden again sorry about the baby chicken

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