ugh...freecycle and the people who use it.....


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Feb 8, 2009
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I'm not sure how many people use freecycle on here or have stoped using it??, i'm in a tight spot right now and don't know what to do, latley when giving away thing's on this site people expect you to bring them the iteam that your giving away and they will be so rude about it too if you don't. this week i answerd a freecycle add (and please i'm not heartless) about a iteam being needed for a child and told them i had it, we e-mailed back and forth for about a day sending pics and then they were going to pick it up untill i told them where i live....40 miles away thats when they came out with a sobb story of being disabled and had no way of transport and want me to bring it to them!!!! Disabled?? unless your a head on a platter (that i can understand) but i just had a friend who is in a wheel chair drive from kansas to mich in 3 days to pick up a custom truck......he would hunt you down if you ever called him disabled....i'm hearing inpared...i still drive. any ways being disabled is not my point it's that freecycle has became a breeding ground for people who expect the trump towers when getting free stuff


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If you are GIVING something away for free, I think the least the recipient can do is pick it up, and be gracious about it. You are doing THEM a favor, not the other way around. That's their problem if they can't come get it.
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Dec 15, 2009
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This, this, this!

And to be honest, if you can help it I wouldn't even feel the slightest bit bad that you can't bring it to them. This is a FREE item, that you are kindly GIVING them--if they can't get it, then, well, they can't get it.

(I was recently given a free dog kennel...only to find out that it does not disassemble! My mom and I drove an hour to go get it, bought some compression straps, spent a good hour loading it up and making sure it was secure, and drove it the hour home. Quite a sight! I am so thankful to the man who offered it to me for free. The trouble was completely worth it! If people aren't willing or able to pick up free items, they shouldn't even respond, really...


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Dec 19, 2009
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I take things to folks sometimes. If an item is free why is our time worth so much? I understand what you all are saying, but that often leaves out some of the folks who need things the most, and I am softhearted about helping others. Probably TOO softhearted, but I love people. It's often a blessing to SEE them recieve the item when they know you went out of your way unselfishly to get it to them. You always will have those who never even say thanks, but then there are those that just make your entire WEEK with their thankfulness, and well the unthankful will never spoil the sheer joy of someone who is truly thankful. 30 minutes to deliver...a whole week of smiling to yourself that they were so tickled to death to get it. It's like Christmas ALL YEAR. When you do things like that, it's giving to yourself, and SO worth the little bit of time. I dunno, I'm not a shopaholic, or scratch off ticket type person...I guess I get my "high" from giving. I gripe about the same thing sometimes though. Then I remember those who were grateful and how sweet it was to deliver items...just makes me want to do it more often. You guys may be REALLY missing out on something. Just give it a try. For every 5 items you list, mentally prepare yourself to be willing to deliver at least one of those to someone local. KNOW first that you may get an unthankful rude person, but hope for the blessing of a grateful one. Just one, and they'll make your entire WEEK!


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Jul 13, 2010
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I just like to know what im getting into for the most part. I give , quite a lot, to many people, especially to avoid filling up the landfills.

I see a lot of high dollar items or many many items people plaster all over just to get them for free with weird excuses as to why they need them. Ive seen lost everything in a fire requests, and i never get a response in what i offer( like blankets and dishes, etc which has led me to believe most of the time these people are LYING) Ive seen needed laptop with wireless capability, smart phone, new cell phone, ipod, car stereo.. lots of things. right down to we need 3 air conditioners , car, christmas gifts, large screen tvs, everything for a new apartment, etc.

If you need something brought to you, request it, and say you need it delivered. Ive been stood up, lied to, been made to feel like my item was crap( i gave away pasta makers that had been sitting in my garage and they wer eonly dusty and needed light washing)been promised items but after i showed up in i guess what was perceived as a nice car, never called back( this wa son used- to be thrown out carpeting in odd shapes liek fireplace cut out of corners, etc. I managed of course, i never felt entitled to the carpet.. buti felt like an idiot responded to her other free carpet( the carpet she told me i could have) 3 times and being ignored.

I have only recieved a handful of items from freecycle. Ive only requested a few of them. One in particular a broken gamecube( i had a broken one and wished to take them apart and make a working one) i couldnt drive that far away so i SENt the wonderful man money to send it to me, and he did. And we had a working gamecube again after i fixed it!

It feels good to give, but it feels really crappy to be taken advantage of and to be talked down to when all youre trying to do is help. If you need something make it plain up front, and ask nicely!


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Jul 31, 2008
I list a LOT on freecycle.. household items... childrens clothing.. I have even given away chicken poop for the garden

I dont as for a lot.. I am always afraid to what I will get offered and how do I decline if its not really what I am looking for.. the few things I was looking for included a broken trampoline frame I wanted to screen it in and use it to keep the chickens out of my garden.... a guy emailed me and he wanted $20 fot it caise he would get that at the scrap yard..


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Jan 26, 2008
I'm a big fan of freecycle and use it quiet often. So far I've never had anyone be hateful, but the time may come. I'm not delivering to anyone. You want it?, come get it. My daughter does work in a town 20 miles from us. I think if someone lived close to where she works, I'd go so far as to have them meet her there. That hasn't happened yet either.


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Nov 14, 2009
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I list on freecycle. I guess maybe it's different here but if your listing doesn't have a location in the title, they wont allow it to post. I always insist on meeting people at the local store though. Truthfully, its easier for them to find and there are way too many "sold an item on craigslist then my house got robbed" stories out there!

When I respond to a wanted ad, I include my location in the first email. My local group is for a whole county, and I'm all the way at the top of it! I know I'm probably out of the way for most people and if they can't come here I can meet them when I have a reason to get down that way. I guess I've been lucky so far, I've had all good experiences *knocks wood*

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