Ugh, humidity dropped last night...

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    We had a hard freeze last night. I went to bed around 11pm, and checked the incubator. Everything was fine. There was water in the trough also. I got up early this morning, and checked the incubator. To my horror, the humidity was 16 % ! ( It was at 38 %) I added a little warm water, and it brought the humidity back up to a steady 41 % now.

    Will the eggs be ok? It was only day 3. I haven't candled yet.

    My DH suggested next time we get a hard freeze over night, to put a bucket of water in the room the incubator is in. Will this help?

    Also, when I do candle for the first time, will the eggs get too cool while I'm doing it?

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    No worries! Humidity at this point in the hatch is mostly a matter of averages--you just want the air cell to expand at a reasonable rate--so a night of low humidity can be compensated by higher humidity for a few hours. Just try to get it stabilized, but don't freak if it spikes a bit here and there.

    Temps are more critical--those need to stay steady. Although at this stage of development, I have learned, even a day of low temps won't necessarily hurt too much. I'm assuming your temps are fine, though, right?

    So breathe easy! You're fine. [​IMG]
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    Yep, temps were perfect. It's been steady at 99.9/100.0 since I've plugged it in. It was just the humidity. It just freaked me out. LOL It's been steady all day at 41% now. I'm pretty sure it had to do with the weather last night. My DH thinks the cold dried the air out. That's why he suggested the bucket of water when the next spell comes.

    I was just worried it might have been bad for the eggs.


    And thanks for the quick response! [​IMG]
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