Ugh... so sick of food!!!


9 Years
Jun 19, 2010
San Diego, CA
So after visiting both my local feed stores I come to find out that they both only carry Kruse (OH KRUSE MILLING) or Kelley's (STAR MILLING) and that ALL their food except the organic has weird chemicals and ethoxyquin.

I need to find a middle of the road food that I can get locally that is healthier than the chemical laden ones but cheaper than the organics (which are very expensive here).

What does everyone recommend?

I have no real advice, only sympathy. I have quail, which need a really high protein food. NO ONE here seems to sell it. TSC doesn't. Orscheln's doesn't. I've stopped at two other stores. One has something SLIGHTLY Better (but is almost an hour drive from me). I've called at least half a dozen other places. Some of the people I talked to did not even know what "game bird feed" meant. They did not carry Turkey food, either. One told me they could order feed for me, but I'd need to buy 500 pounds. Uh, sure. That would be a several year supply...

So, I am buying 5 pound sacks of starter feed, which is slightly better, for my young'uns, and making do with the lesser protein food for the older birds.

On the other hand, if I wanted horse feed, chicken feed, rabbit food, or wild bird food, I have a zillion choices.
Same problem here for ducks. Which if I have read right they need 20+ protein for the first few weeks and then 14% afterward. The chicken feed is medicated unless I go to fleet farm, which I do not want to feed to my birds- first the medication is deadly for the ducks but the other reason is that I was trying not to feed chemicals to my chickens. So I have been mixing feed buying the duck feed and the chick starter and ending up with a protein level that is still higher but I think it works for both the ducks and the chickens. And only one container so that my DH can actually feed the birds. Normally it is my job to feed everyone here.
How much is the organic that you are saying is expensive? I know someone who says $15 per 50 lbs is too expensive for chicken feed. I know others who spend almost $1 per pound! I fall somewhere in the middle, but your answer might help us find a good alternative for you.
The feed store I used to get it from is 29.99 for a 50# bag. I found the same one at a different feed store for 23.99 per 50# bag.

I thought about mixing my own, but I don't think that's an option around here as I don't know of anywhere that sells grains.
You might go to either the Purina website, or other brand websites and see if one of those sites can tell you locations that sell their feed in your area. You might have to drive a little further to get the feed that you want, but if you buy a big bag or two, it might make it worth your while to go.

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