ugh will this mess up my girls in any way

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    So living in Las Vegas we have had warm winter so far and have broke many records well now we are starting to get some winter weather and dropping in the 30's what i have read hear and how i have there coop done I know they will be fine and dont need to add heat and I am feeling comfertable with this my prob now: my mother and father who are in there 70's mom is fighing cancer is very worried about our 4 girls Monday night we droped down to mid 30's and I cough both my mother and father coming out side in there pj checking on the girls the last time was after 10pm and it was my mother who also have walking issues and in order to see the girls she has to go down stairs into the lower back yard. So to let them have peice of mind and sleep good and not go out side anymore I had her help me bring the chickens in my room and put them in there corner (I made it chicken proof and easy clean up for the morning) last night we did not get so cold so all was fine. I did try and explain to them what i have learned here and they have the chickens in same catagory as the news has dogs and cats and that with us being so warm that there winter feathers have not full gorwn in yet like the dog and cats and there not used to the cold (they are very stubborn old people and this went round and round) So now we are suppose to get wind and rain tomorow and thursday night. To keep everyone over the age of 70 happy i was just going to bring the girls in at 9pm let them out at 7am.

    Now my ? and concern by keeping the old people happy will this mess up the chickens as i keep my room about 65 at night is these few nights coming in going outside when teh rain goes away make it harder for them to handle being out side in the 40's

    (also these chckens know how to use my doggy door so when I talk about there corner they come in during the day time and take a nap there so very used to where I put them to sleep and they dont even put up a fuss Monday night my first 2 i brought in where cuddled up and asleep before I brought in teh last 2)
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    Sounds as if the chickens are already using and accustomed to the environment and should be fine. By the way, I am over the age of 70 and sure as heck won't be bringing any chickens in even when it drops into the single digits. [​IMG]
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    the weather men are my biggest enemy on this fight as they keep saying bring those pets inside there not used to the cold and my parents just dont understand that chickens dont get heavy feathers during the winter and light feathers during the summer so they are affared that the birds are goign to freeze to deather till there heavy winter feathers come in [​IMG]
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    Your parents are delightful..I think it is sweet they are concerned for your chickens. you need to explain to them that God made them cloths. To bring them in the house and warm them up during cold weather will make them loose their winter coats, and it is best for them to be in the coop.

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