Ugliest or Most Disgusting Silkie Pic or Poem - Win 6 month GFM


12 Years
Apr 6, 2007
There's a 6 month GFM membership included when you buy 2 Chickens for Dummies in the BYC store. I was having a hard time deciding what to do with mine.

So, here it is...

Post a pic of an ugly silkie, a silkie doing something nasty, a poem about a nasty silkie, or anything that would make some of us laugh and win the GFM.
(No animal cruelty or allowed so cull the silkie before you deep fry it)

Those are the rules and that's all.

Oh, InsiderArt is the judge.

Good luck & make me proud.

If you are already a GFM you can still participate and gift the prize to someone else if you win.
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If it resembles a silkie it's ok. The rules are very loose.

I'd like to see a silkie crossed with a cocker spaniel.
LOL. I know this baby isn't crossed with a cocker spaniel, but I don't have a clue what it is mixed with.
This is Oddball. He/she has 9 toes and is very colorful. Interesting mohawk.

Oh wow. Great first entry.

This is a purely selfish thread for me. I wanna laugh at ugly silkies and I'm gigglin like a little kid right now.

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