Ugly Chickling, Light Brahma


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Apr 21, 2011
Doulce was hatched around 3/1 so about 13 weeks old. She is so ugly that she is cute. Actually I hope she is a she. But is there something wrong with her or is she just really late in getting her feathers? She only has feathers on the top. Her bottom is fluff. Also if I remember correctly, on the farm we got her from the light brahmas were white and fluffy without this much black. She even has some bald spots. Otherwise she is healthy. I don't think her bald spots are the result of the other chicks as they are all buddies. Maybe just bad genes????? Has anyone seen a light brahma like this??

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Oh! she is cute!
Well hopefully we will get some more light brahma people to chime in. I really hope she is a hen and just fine.
hi - here are two of my girls. they are light brahmas, 11 wks old and are starting to look like adults. i think they are really beautiful! (sorry about the fuzzy - took with my phone camera). i have four other 2yr old light brahma hens that have a little more black, but none have the gray that yours has.
Your light brahmas are so pretty. That is what I remember the older ones looking like on the farm. Doulce doesn't really look anything like that. Maybe she isn't a light brahma???? Now I am really confused. Don't know if she is a she or what I thought she was. I may start a thread on the breed/gender forum. Thanks for posting those pics.

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